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Belmio 30 Lovers Collection

Belmio Explorers Collection


  • 10 Espresso ADAGIO A very soft coffee with a subtle spicy aroma. Perfect as a dessert coffee.

  • 10 Espresso RISTRETTO This is a strong and intense coffee with a full body with a  hint of nuts in the finish. 

  • 10 Espresso UNDICI A strong coffee with a full body, the bitters are very present in the aftertaste. As a ristretto has less acidity.

  • 10 Lungo DELICATO A very soft coffee with a slightly sweet aroma of grains and caramel.

  • 10 Lungo VIVACE Coffee with a complex aroma of wood, grain and a subtle hint of milk chocolate.

Belmio Intense Collection


  • 10 Espresso INTENSO, 10 Espresso RISTRETTO, 10 Espresso UNDICI, 10 Lungo RISOLUTO, 10 Lungo VIVACE

  • BELMIO EXPLORERS PREMIUM SET - 50 Aluminium Nespresso Compatible Capsules, Delivering the highest quality and most ultimate coffee experiences with each capsule containing 5.5 grams of premium coffee.

  • QUALITY - First in the compatible market with aluminium capsules because it is the best material available today to protect our quality coffees. Aluminium is also the only material that interacts with coffee machines in such a way to consistently produce the best coffee.

  • TASTE - Every smallest detail of the brewing process is optimized, ensuring that every grain of coffee is awakened and stimulated so that your cup will be brimming over with the most intense aromas and the ultimate in tantalizingly inspirational tastes.

  • COMPATIBILITY - Fully compatible with most Original Line Nespresso Machines. NOT COMPATIBLE with the Expert, U machines, Prodigio, Kitchenaid and Vertuoline.

Belmio Organic Verde

Belmio Organic Oro


The Allegro is an exceptional melange of Arabica and the best Robusta beans. With a medium roast, the Allegro
has a unique composition of sweet, fruity, full and strong elements. The flavour is rich in colourful and spicy 
accents with hints of pure chocolate. The aftertaste contains a suggestion of honey and wood.


Origio combines the best coffee beans for a round taste with character. Due to the unique roasting process Origio gets a full body with essential and pure accents that needs a coffee.

This 100% Arabica coffee is widely appreciated and is ideal for a relaxing get-together with friends.


This delicious all-round coffee is composed from the best 100-percent Arabica beans of Central and South American origin. The slightly lighter roast imbues the coffee with a subtle and fresh aroma, and its rounded flavour is soft and full-bodied with sweet and fruity accents. Largo is the ultimate lungo coffee and its rainbow of tastes will not fade, even though it is a large coffee. Its rich aromas wed perfectly with a beautiful and full layer of crema.


Risoluto is our strongest coffee Belmio blend made out of South American Arabicas and Robusta beans for an intense taste.
The beans are roasted slowly and separately to obtain an original bouquet bringing together acidic, fruity, and roasted 
notes. Strong roasted notes with a subtle and delicious touch of caramel. 


The Intenso is a strong member of the Belmio family. A South American Arabica jewel that is subjected to a very
intense roasting process, giving the ‘strictly high ground’ beans a highly powerful flavor and low acidity levels. 
Thanks to the subtle hints of cacao and the deliciously spicy elements, the coffee has a bewitching taste. 

Belmio Lovers Collection


Seducio is a sensual and vived coffee with a complex personality.

This  100% Arabica blend is composed by some of the finest coffee beans from Central America, Brazil, Africa and India.

A delicious acidity is flavoured in espresso with fragrances of wild berries and sultanas, wrapped in a cream of chocolate and nuts.


Aphrodicia offers a tempting and overwhelming body that’s hard to resist.

This 100% Arabica blend is composed by some of the finest coffee beans from Central America, Africa and India.

Its generous, fruit-like acidity is reminiscent of mature citrus fruits and tinges of passion fruit. A sweet honey-like aftertaste is delicately spicy.


This sublime and compact coffee, garnished with a dash of acidity, is a 100% Arabica blend composed by some of the finest coffee beans from Central America and Brazil.

Valentina reminiscent of dark chocolate enhanced by essences of candied fruit.