• BELMIO LOVERS COLLECTION - 30 aluminium Nespresso capsules, Delivering the highest quality and most ultimate coffee experiences with each capsule containing 5.5 grams of premium coffee.
  • QUALITY - First in the compatible market with aluminium capsules because it is the best material available today to protect quality coffees. Aluminium is also the only material that interacts with coffee machines in such a way to consistently produce the best tasting and aromatic coffee.
  • TASTE - Every smallest detail of the brewing process is optimized, ensuring that every grain of coffee is awakened and stimulated so that your cup will be brimming over with the most intense aromas and the ultimate in tantalizingly inspirational tastes.
  • COMPATIBILITY - Fully compatible with most Original Line Nespresso Machines. NOT COMPATIBLE with the Expert, U machines, Prodigio, and Vertuoline
  • BELMIO Lovers Collection 30 Capsules - 10 Valentina 10 Aphrodicia 10 Seducio

Belmio 30 Lovers Collection

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